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About us

Who is behind whispers?

Two creative minds who help hoteliers to keep an eye on their business and its most important figures at all times and make optimal decisions on this basis.

Junger Mann in Anzug, Michael Gorfer, CEO von whispers

Michael Gorfer


Nach seinem Studium der Tourismuswirtschaft am MCI in Innsbruck sammelte Michael umfangreiche Erfahrungen in der Hotelberatung, Prozessoptimierung und Digitalisierung. Auch nach der Arbeit motiviert er Menschen mit dem Taktstock zu Höchstleistungen.

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Junder Mann in Anzug, CTO von whispers

Daniel Castejon


Daniel is an expert in machine learning and data analysis. He worked for many years as a senior mentor in coding academies. As COO in a high-growth startup, he led the expansion into several countries. His love for algorithms is only surpassed by his passion for classical music.

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Your benefits


Making data accessible and tangible through user-centered products.


We empower decision makers with clear, data-driven analysis and advice.


User orientation

How does whispers work?

whispers is a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) application that combines various systems/data sources in a single database and analyzes them with the help of artificial intelligence to create automated recommendations for optimizing costs and sales.

Benefit now

Data acquisition - the key to success

Grafik mit verschiedenen Diagrammen, die für ein typisches Datenchaos in Hotelbetrieben stehen

The first step is to create and guarantee a seamless data stream from all your hotel systems.


Transformation - turning data into gold

In order to gain valuable and useful insights from raw data, we work with leading AI technologies (machine learning).


Targeted communication - information that counts

Illustration der Benutzeroberfläche von whispers am Beispiel eines Desktopmonitors und einem Smartphone

whispers provides action-oriented analyses so that the best decisions can always be made.

Mann in Anzug tippt auf Tablet, welches verschiedene Diagramme als Hologramm darstellt

What our customers say

“With Whispers as my constant companion, I can see whether I'm on track even during the year! I make the right decisions and use whispers to see how they translate into better business figures.”

Magdalena Erlacher
Hostess — Der Forsterhof

“whispers shows valuable optimization potential and skilfully accompanies me through the economic challenges over the course of a financial year!”

Mara Theiner
Host — Hotel Weisses Kreuz

“Simply smart! Whispers' clear analyses and forecasts give me a holistic operational picture of the past, present and future and enable me to make better decisions.”

Andreas Pomella
Host — Traminerhof

“I am convinced of the tool's potential and am looking forward to optimising the cost structures in our hotel. Whispers' expertise and commitment are impressive and I'm sure other hoteliers will be just as impressed!”

Marco Perathoner
Host — Hotel Granbaita

“With one click, I get an insight into our operational performance and can react quickly if necessary! The WHISPERS team is always by my side if I have any questions or challenges.”

Robert Prenn
Marketing & Sales — Brunnerhof

“Getting all information automatically from a single source saves me time and energy. With Whispers, I feel well informed and prepared, and I'm also increasing my profit!”

Melanie Bacher
Host — Hotel Avidea
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Frequently asked questions

What exactly is whispers?

Whispers is an advanced data analytics platform developed specifically for the hotel and hospitality industry. With the help of AI and state-of-the-art analysis tools, it helps hoteliers to make better business decisions and identify performance deviations in good time.

Do I need technical or business math knowledge to use whispers?

No. Whispers attaches great importance to user-friendliness and simplicity of content. The platform is also easy to use for people without a technical background and those who don't like numbers.

How does whispers differ from other analysis tools?

Whispers has been developed specifically for the hospitality industry. It takes into account the unique challenges and needs of hoteliers and converts these into customized, action-oriented notifications. As a result, the user is always accompanied by intelligent software for information, decision-making and success controlling.

How does artificial intelligence (AI) help to increase my turnover or cut costs?

AI analyzes data and enables you to identify patterns, trends and anomalies that could easily be overlooked. With these insights available to you in a timely manner, you can use your expertise to take the right countermeasures. Furthermore, one of AI's greatest strengths is its ability to continuously learn from new data. As your hotel's data evolves, AI adapts and ensures that the recommendations and insights it provides are always up-to-date and relevant.

In summary, by leveraging AI, our push notifications provide hotel managers with timely, data-driven insights that can be directly translated into increased revenue opportunities and cost-saving actions.

How long does it take for whispers to be set up and ready for use?

The implementation of whispers varies depending on the individual requirements and specifications of the hotel. However, we would like to emphasize that the time required for you as a hotelier is limited to a few (online) meetings. Our whispers team takes care of the entire set-up and customization process, so you can sit back and relax.

Is there training or support for whispers?

Yes, we offer extensive training and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of our platform. During the onboarding process, your personal whispers contact will introduce himselve/herselve to you.

What kind of hotels or hospitality businesses can use whispers?

Whispers is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and is therefore equally suitable for small boutique hotels and larger multi-property operations. In the course of product development, we have recognized that smaller hotel chains also have a need and show interest. So please contact us for an individual offer.

How secure is my data with whispers?

Data security is our top priority. We use state-of-the-art encryption techniques and follow strict data protection guidelines to ensure that your data is always protected and complies with GDPR standards. All data is stored exclusively on European servers.

How much does whispers cost?

whispers is offered as an annual license. The price depends on various factors (number of establishments, number of rooms, etc.). We therefore ask you to request a price offer further up on this website or to contact us directly.